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I got word late last night that Selena 'Pink' Snow lead vocalist, founder and chief songwriter of the band Erocktica has passed away. I didn't want to believe it. This was a person that was young , talented, beautiful and so very full of life. Most important she was a kind soul and a very dear friend of mine for a number of years.

Pink Snow had a vision to build a hard rock band (with her on vocals) that would push all boundaries of what was deemed acceptable in the rock n roll world. And with the help of her band mates, Erocktica would strongly redefine the "sex part" of the sex drugs and rock n roll slogan.
From their humble beginnings in the NYC underground of the 1990's, Erocktica (then known as Porn Rock) led by Pink, captivated audiences with their hardcore lyrics and elaborate (sometimes all nude) "eroctic" stage show. With a couple of years the band would get offers to perform throughout the USA. Eventually many other parts of the world caught on and Pink Snow became the undisputed Queen of the underground "porn rock" world.
From about 2000 to 2008 Erocktica was an important band in the realms of Power Of Music. As the exclusive booking agents/ promoters in the Long Island vicinity we were proud to offer LI something that no one had ever seen before. We put together tons of Erocktica shows and eventually the band would headline six consecutive birthday bashes for of me.
In the beginning as much of the band grew a following, worshipers so to speak, they were also heavily criticized for being just a 'tits and ass' stage show and having very little musical talent. While this should have been fine in the realm of Erocktica, Pink Snow was determined to build a better band. Within a short time the band got tighter, added better musicians. Pink Snow also improved her vocal skills to the best of her ability. The stage show got bigger and better too, and their evolution was indeed quite remarkable.
Her passion never seem to let up. With its explicit content she knew that this band could never be a mainstream success like Pat Benatar or Motley Crue. She knew she would never have the pipes of Ann Wilson or Doro Pesch. It didn't matter as long as Erocktica would be recognized as the underground monster they had became.
Pink Snow would eventually go on to create a off Broadway show based on her life and on the bands..
As an individual Pink was one of a kind. She was kind, funny and very intellectual. I got to know the real Selena Snow and not just the wild pink Snow persona. Her loyalty to my company was virtually unmatched. She would often delay the bands European theater tour so she could play for my birthday at a midsize club. As the bands fame grew many well known promoters END, Club Loaded, etc put offers on the table but she never strayed away from Power Of Music Productions.
I know her legacy whether you consider it small or big will live on in the underground rock world as she will always be treasured to her close friends and family.

Hope all of you are safe after this horrific storm.

If you live in New York , New Jersey or CT, just been watching the news since your power went back on, its pretty unquestionable how bad some people still have it.

I compiled a list of some very credible charity organizations that will give everything you send directly to the cause. I know I am not alone when i say that the Red Cross and Salvation Army are not the answer to help local people and aid from the rebuilding. Don't get me wrong, they are both tremendous organizations that have helped a countless amount of people overcome many horrific disasters. The problem is these places are on a global level and are giving to a zillion other people and places as the money rolls in.

These guys are real passionate about helping their boro....
NYC in general:
MAYOR's FUND to ADVANCE NEW YORK CITY: make check in thsat name and mail to: 253 Broadway (8th floor). New York, NY 10007. WRITE IN MEMO LINE: "Hurricane Sandy Relief".
I believe they are working first in places like south Queens (Howard Beach, Broad Channel, Breezy Point, etc) and Staten Island (not sure which particular areas).
New York , New Jersey, CT:
UNITED WAY: These guys are Global, but have set up a separate division just to aid the tri state and seem to be getting things done quickly:
Go to: www.uwsandyrecovery.org
LONG ISLAND CARES : An awesome organization that is dedicated to Long Island and accepts everything from cash to blankets.
Go to: www.LIcares.com

Hope this helps, and if you can please give! Unfortunately this is gonna take more than just one or two big benefit concerts and fund raisers to aid all these people and rebuild.
Thanks for listening!


Review: "Night Of Extraordinary Guitars" Fri Feb 17, 2012 @ Dublin Pub (New Hyde Park)

Last Friday was the first time we put together an entire event dedicated to shred guitar players. (heck we've only been talking about it for three years). I wasnt sure how it would go...Well It worked out very well. In fact I really couldnt ask for a better show!
A very diverse evening of technical guitar work made up "Night Of Extraordinary Guitars", featuring: Favored Nations Artist: Rob Balducci, Magic Circle recording artist Joe Stump,17 year old guitar prodigy Lance Barnewold, LI Heavy Metal guitar legend: SA ADAMS, Greg Giordano and John Vullo Of the very heavy and progressive Turrigenous and Mike of power/progressive metal band: Martyrd. Being that these acts range from rock to fusion to metal, I wasnt sure how the general crowd would recieve the diversity. Well at midnight we had practically the same amount of people that we had at 9pm, which means people were indeed interested in seeing an entire night of talented guitar driven music no matter what the genre. (Nothing worse than experiencing a show where people only come for one act, and then leave).

I recieved a few emails from the fans that attended, telling me how much fun they had and that we should do this format again. Well we are honored that you can attend and yes another Guitar show is already in the works for later this year!

For those of you that did not attend we hope you casn make it out the next time around. If your not from the area, let us know where you are and maybe we can get these guys up to your area. All these musicians can be found on Facebook and whatnot, so if your not familiar with their music please take the time to search for them and find out what their music is all about!

Special thanks to: Dublin Pub and staff, our engineer Mike Festa, Stamp The Band .com, Jimmy Hobbs, Mike Marquez for helping to make this event a success.

Extra Special thanks to all our friends, family and music fans that came to the show!

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